2016 Food Bank

December 2016 – In Alberta, we see first hand the many children and families who are struggling to buy food because of the tough economy, and so, in recent days, our dedicated and amazing team members, Huynh Anh and Shanni Chi, braved the frigid weather to purchase and donate $1000 worth of food/diapers/formulas to the Edmonton Food Bank and another $1000 to the Calgary Food Bank. Hopefully, these items will help make a little difference in the lives of the children and families here in Alberta. We are grateful that you are a part of this effort.


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2019 Sponsor of the Year: Sunrise Adoption Agency
We are so grateful to Mr. Doug Chalke and the Sunrise Adoption Agency for their generous donations to our Foundation. Because of their kindness, CVBF is able to continue improving the lives of children in the orphanages throughout Vietnam. http://www.sunriseadoption.com/intercountry-adoption
Quintessential: Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine
On Sale Now for $30 (plus shipping) each! 100% of the proceeds are dedicated to helping the children of Vietnam. Please email us if you're interested. We thank you for your support.