Mai Am Mai Anh

Nov 2017 The children had a special visit from Miss Vietnam contestants, led by Miss Amy. There are three school age orphans currently left in this small orphanage and we are helping pay for their school fees.
Aug 2017 The children were delighted receiving new dolls from Linh. The kids had a lunch outing at Mr Vuong’s place, joined by our volunteers Ms Ngoc and Mr. Hung.  Quoc Viet was a good little helper. He especially enjoyed playing with Linh’s camera!
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Sept 2016 Our foundation purchased a bunk bed for the children.
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September 2016 –  Our foundation is helping pay for the school fee for all five children (2 in grade 1, 3 in kindergarten)

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March 31, 2016 Co Hoa, chu Trieu and chu Vuong visited the children.


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2018 Sponsor of the Year: Sunrise Adoption Agency
We are so grateful to Mr. Doug Chalke and the Sunrise Adoption Agency for the generous monthly donations. Because of their kindness, CVBF is able to continue improving the lives of children in the orphanages throughout Vietnam.
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