Niem Phat Duong Hung Phuoc

January 2017 – It is wonderful seeing the living conditions for these children improve over the few years that we have been involved with them. In the past, our foundation had provided basic needs and funding for the children to attend school. This year, we were able to present the lovely children with a playground set equipped to bring joy to their day.
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August 2016 – Dr. Nhung Tran-Davies, Ms Chau and Yan visiting the children to assess their needs.

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March 22, 2015  — Amanda visits the children at Niem Phat temple where we had donated study tables and beds for the children, along with providing basic supplies such as diapers and milk. The school fees for this year were also paid for by CVBF.

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We are so grateful for your support at our 4th Annual Fundraising Gala on Sept 24th. Together, we raised over $45,000 for the Children of Vietnam Benevolent Foundation! It brings us great joy to know that we can continue helping more children go to school, grant more scholarships, buy more beds, deliver more playground equipment, supply more books/pencils, bicycles, wheelchairs, hearing aids, possibly help build another school and so much more! It was not a small feat this year as we staged the first ever full capacity banquet dedicated to authentic Vietnamese Cuisine, something that is rarely if ever done anywhere in Canada. It took a powerhouse team of talented chefs, dedicated volunteers, generous businesses, and beautiful guests to make the night an incredible success. We thank you!
Quintessential: Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine
On Sale Now for $30 (plus shipping) each! 100% of the proceeds are dedicated to helping the children of Vietnam. Please email us if you're interested. We thank you for your support.