Trung Tam Huong Duong

Trung Tam Huong Duong in Binh Duong is home to orphans and children of parents who are unable to support them, especially the little ones with special needs. The centre also provides free education and housing for impoverished students from remote surrounding regions.
December 2016 Ms Phung awarded scholarships to three underprivileged students living at the orphanage –Gam Tran, Linh Huynh, and Thao Quyen. This financial assistance will go towards their first year university tuition fee.


November 2015 Tu and Mr. Quang brings the orphanage a new washer.

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June 2, 2015 Michelle presenting the kids with a television set
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Mar 23, 2015 Mr. Quang delivered 300 kg of rice, noodles and basic medications (Vitamins, Tylenol, etc).

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Vietnamese child
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2018 Sponsor of the Year: Sunrise Adoption Agency
We are so grateful to Mr. Doug Chalke and the Sunrise Adoption Agency for the generous monthly donations. Because of their kindness, CVBF is able to continue improving the lives of children in the orphanages throughout Vietnam.
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