Tien Giang schools

August 2015- CVBF granted $3000.00 in scholarships to students in three schools: Truong Duong Diem, Truong Han Mac, and Truong Phan Luong Truc

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January 2015 – In the city of Duong Diem, a local priest, who has been helping impoverished children/students in the area, submitted a request to CVBF for help with the school fees for students in most need. With the help of our representative Huong Pham, the CVBF has in January 2015 awarded 16 students from elementary, junior high, highschool and a trade school with financial assistance so that they can continue with their education. We also bought a bicycle for one of the students because his sister has been carrying him, due to his disability, to school on her back! Bless their hearts for being so committed to going to school!
Our representative Huong Pham visiting a student's home

Our representative Huong Pham visiting a student’s home


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2019 Sponsor of the Year: Sunrise Adoption Agency
We are so grateful to Mr. Doug Chalke and the Sunrise Adoption Agency for their generous donations to our Foundation. Because of their kindness, CVBF is able to continue improving the lives of children in the orphanages throughout Vietnam. http://www.sunriseadoption.com/intercountry-adoption
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