Dak Glei Boarding School

Dak Glei is located in Central Vietnam, and home to a high number of indigenous people. The population is about 4,000 people and consists of 13 small districts and one town.

This school is run by Sister Nguyen Thi Kim Loan, and aims to educate all children in the nearby districts.  There are currently between 35 to 40 students attending, from kindergarten to highschool.  Sister Nhuyen Thi Kim Loan also tries to provide food during the day when students are in the school.

February 2016 – Ms Phuong and Yan brought the school a new solar heater, a blackboard, beds, school supplies, bicycles and food supplies.
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August 2015 – Linh, Yan and Hoang delivered basic supplies to the school. Scholarships were also granted to a number of students for the new school year.

Dak Glei Aug 2015 (9) Dak Glei Aug 2015 (74)

January 2015 – Gifts were given to the impoverished children in the surrounding committees as well as to the students at the school.

Dak Glei Jan 2015 (5) Dak Glei Jan 2015 (4)

Dec 2014 – Five scholarships were given out to the grade 12 students so that they can continue on to university.

Dak Gle - Dec 2014 (2)

November 11, 2014 Dr. Nhung Tran-Davies’ site visit

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February 24th, 2014 – Our foundation provided scholarships and a solar boiler for the school.

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