Kien Tuong Schools

September 2016 This Mid-Autumn, our Foundation collaborated with a local charity in Vietnam, DDUM, to help over 1000 children at 3 schools in Kien Tuong district-Long An province(4 hours drive from Saigon, near the border with Cambodia) celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival: Tuyen Thanh Elementary school( 541 students), Thanh Tri Elementary school(311 students) and Anh Xuan kindergarten school( 166 students). In addition to delivering gifts such as moon cakes/lanterns/snack treats/milk/toothbrushes, Hoang and the DDUM team helped deliver our foundation’s contribution of 1000 children story books for the elementary school libraries, 4200 notebooks, 1824 pens,350 boxes of crayon and colouring books, 50 pencil case kits for games prize activities, and 50 large cases of milk drink cartons. There are no street lights at night in the remote area of Thanh Tri, and so the team used lanterns and flashlights while entertaining the children into the night. The children and the adults in this community all had a great time and a great celebration of early Mid-Autumn festival/ Tết Trung Thu.

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Dear friends, Thank you so much again to you, dear family, friends and honoured guests, for making our 5th Annual Fundraising Gala on Sept 30/17 a huge success. Together we were able to raise over $40,000! We are truly grateful to everyone for your great support so that we can carry on with our work to improve the lives of impoverished children and orphans in Vietnam. Our event would not be possible without our amazing MC Dr. Cecile Phan and incredible local artists - Native Performer Amanda Lamothe, the VSUE (Vivian, Natalie, Van, Katelynn, Teddy, Hardy, Ken&Henry, Minh-Thuy) Dancers, the Truong Lac Hong school little dancers (Celina, Mai, Hong, Angela), and Michelle&Lily Dang. Our silent auction would not be possible without the kindness and generosity of local businesses, and our Arizona Getaway raffle was made possible by the generosity of Mr& Mrs Heuver. And thank you to all our volunteers for all your hard work and dedication to making our evening a great success.
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