2017 Seniors Project

February 2017 – Our amazing volunteers wanted to do something special this year to honour our forgotten elders. Together with members from the DDUM group, our volunteers spent a day visiting and caring for the abandoned/disabled elders in Tay Ninh. Through private donations, our director Linh was able to organize 80 gift sets (Blanket, face clothes, medicated oil, 6 cartons of milk, 2 packs soft cookies); 200kg of rice, 5 bags (50 kg) of laundry detergent; 4.000.000 VND donated to the place for medical/emergency fund. Our beautiful volunteers helped prepare both lunch and dinner meals (banh canh chay, nui chay) and dessert (Che hat sen tao do nhan nhuc). It was a happy day for everyone, young and old

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2019 Sponsor of the Year: Sunrise Adoption Agency
We are so grateful to Mr. Doug Chalke and the Sunrise Adoption Agency for their generous donations to our Foundation. Because of their kindness, CVBF is able to continue improving the lives of children in the orphanages throughout Vietnam. http://www.sunriseadoption.com/intercountry-adoption
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