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Justine Dien- CoFounder/Project Director

I was one of the more fortunate ones because, in 1983, I and my family were sponsored to Canada by my uncle. Although I did not experience the harrowing conditions of the boat people, I am still most grateful for this journey. Through the kindness of fellow Canadians, my large family of ten siblings quickly grew to love our new home because this beautiful country is a land of hope and opportunities.

When I now take my son to hockey practice or my daughter to piano lessons, I am often reminded of how lucky I have been. The paths of our lives could have been much different if our family had no means of leaving our war-torn homeland. Because of the blessings in my life, I am now a volunteer with the Children’s Make-A-Wish foundation to bring smiles to children afflicted by illnesses.  To pay forward the kindness my family had received, I am proud to have co-founded this organization to extend hope and opportunities to children living in poverty in Vietnam.

Dr. Quinn Pham – Project Director, Volunteer

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Hoan Le McQaurrie -Volunteer

Henry Le – Volunteer
Young D'Ong
Young D’Ong – Volunteer
Verna Quach – Volunteer
Rob Bernshaw – Volunteer


bill harany2
Bill Harany – Volunteer
Amanda Tran – Volunteer