Our Approach

We at the Children of Vietnam Benevolent Foundation believe in transparency and accountability.

It is our promise to our supporters that 100% of all proceeds generated from our fundraiser and other donations will go directly towards helping the children in Vietnam. As such, anyone who is involved in making this happen, including our founders and members, are doing this on a volunteer basis.

All administrative costs (legal fees, office supplies, commuting cost, website/advertisement cost) are personally covered by our devoted volunteer members.  Therefore,  no part of any donations will be spent on anything other than what the donation is intended for, i.e. food items, clothing, school supplies, scholarships, building infrastructure for the children of Vietnam.

The funds are administered by only the directors of the Foundation. Each year, the Foundation’s goal is to seek out more remote schools and orphanages that are not receiving any or minimal assistance from other charities.  A needs assessment report is written up profiling how the Foundation can help the children and if approved by the Board of Directors, these sites become the Foundation’s beneficiaries. Our Foundation will commit to helping the beneficiary either within a certain time frame or within the limits of a specified allotment of funds. Although we would wish to help all these places indefinitely, our ability to help will be dependent upon the success of our annual fundraising. It is our hope that we can touch their lives long enough so they too have hope and opportunities for a better future.

Because the members of the Foundation reside in Canada, a representative in Vietnam is selected as the intermediary between the Foundation and the orphanages or schools throughout the year. The representative would be a respected community member who is recognized for their integrity, reliability and trustworthiness. He or she becomes a part of our volunteer effort by helping purchase and deliver the necessary food/school supplies to the beneficiary as directed by the Foundation. They may also help facilitate the distribution of scholarships to selected students in the schools. Most importantly, our representatives would help bring joy and love to some of the forgotten children. All costs incurred with respect to travel are personally covered by our kind volunteer representatives.

All books, toys, school supplies and clothing items donated to our Foundation will be taken to Vietnam for delivery to the children when our board members make their site visits.

We are learning everyday how best to help these children. Hopefully, you will walk on this journey with us as we grow and evolve to better serve the children.


To find out more about the projects we are involved in, please visit our Projects page.

The Children of Vietnam Benevolent Foundation obtained charity status on November 18, 2013.  Therefore, all donations are tax-deductible.

For further information, please go to the CRA’s website at www.cra.gc.ca/chrts-gvng/