To CVBF, With Love

August 2018 – The children of Mai Am Thien An drew our logo to show their appreciation of our Foundation.


November 2017 –  From Amy

” What a truly humbling experience to have been able to visit two orphanages today. We started off the day meeting with Yen from the Children of Vietnam Benevolent Foundation – CVBF. She volunteers her time helping to raise awareness for only one of the massive issues Vietnam is currently dealing with. We went to the market to grab snacks, cookies and milk for the children and proceeded on our way to one of the most largest orphanages located in Ho Chi Minh. This orphanage houses approx 220 children and half of them are mentally ill or unstable. It put things into perspective really quick and to be able to see for my own eyes how many children are currently suffering was earth shattering. After our trip, we took another hour long ride to Cu Chi where we met with an orphanage that housed 4 little girls and a boy. This whole orphanage is run by one single lady out of the goodness of her own heart, And she does a damn great job of it. You can feel the love she has for these children in her eyes. There are apparently thousands of orphanages that currently run this way, and some are not even registered. Orphanages this small have a harder time in collecting donations as they are farther out of the city and don’t gain as much exposure. For that reason, once the child gets to a certain age they no longer have the funds to look after them anymore. So they move them to a larger orphanage to stay at instead. Please if anyone is able to travel to a foreign country, take your time to visit an orphanage. I believe everyone needs to experience this to truly see what they need and feel in order to make their lives a little easier. I can’t wait to get home to figure out more ways to help ❤️ thank you to The Children of Vietnam Benevolent Organization for opening our eyes and hearts.”

August 2017 – From Linh

“I am so blessed to take a one-of-a kind trip through Vietnam.

Being in Vietnam made me realize how huge the world really is. I met so many incredible people young and old that were always smiling and cheerful, despite the challenges they faced. You can read about poverty or watch documentaries on it, but seeing it firsthand is very difficult.

My favourite part of the trip was meeting all these great new faces and places I would never have met if it wasn’t for CVBF. I also enjoyed being able to talk to, to play with, to sing, to laugh, to taste new food, to learn and to appreciate their traditional heritage…. with the children, the teachers and others in school, in the communities or just on the streets that I had visited or passed by, and know that by taking this opportunity I was making a difference in someone’s life.

Our Mission
We are dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged children by giving them hope and opportunities through love, education, and the provision of basic needs.

Thanks to all ours CVBF supporters. Without your generous support, we would not be able to continue our work in giving hope and opportunities to the impoverished children of Vietnam.😘

I am glad to be back and I will start sharing/ posting of places that we helped.” –Linh

December 2016 – From Trung Tam Huong Duong students
  1. Letter from Quyen:

Dạ con chào Cô Chú và Hội CVBF.
Con tên là Nguyễn Hoàng Thảo Quyên, là một người con của Hướng Dương. Hiện con đang học đại học năm nhất trường Đại học Mở Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh. Con rất vui và hạnh phúc khi nhận được sự quan tâm và giúp đỡ của cô chú dành cho chúng con. Đó là sự sẻ chia, an ủi, khuyến khích và cũng là nguồn động lực lớn cho chúng con nổ lực học tập hơn. Con sẽ cố gắng hết mình để xứng đáng với sự quan tâm của cô chú và thầy dành cho chúng con.
Con cảm ơn cô chú và Hội rất nhiều ạ!

Dear CVBF,
My name is Quyen, who is also a child of Trung Tam Huong Duong. I am currently studying in my first year at Ho Chi Minh City Open University. I am very happy to receive your caring and support to us at TTHD. It is a sharing, consolation, encouragement, and also is motivation for us in our effort to succeed in our studies. I will try my best to deserve your caring for us. I appreciate much your help at CVBF.

2.Letter from Linh:

Dạ con là bé Linh bên trung tâm Hướng dương của thầy Vinh ạ. Hiện giờ con đang là sinh viên năm nhất trường đại học khoa học tự nhiên khoa toán tin. Dạ con xin cảm ơn cô chú và Hội CVBF đã quan tâm yêu thương đã giúp đỡ cho con và 2 bạn khoảng phân nữa học phí của năm nay.
Con rất vui, con cảm ơn và biết ơn cô chú và tất cả Cô Chú trong Hội CVBF nhiều.
Con sẽ cố gắng học thật tốt ạ
Dạ con chào Cô Chú.

Dear CVBF,
I am Linh and also from Trung Tam Huong Duong led by Thay Vinh. I am studying at Ho Chi Minh City Natural Science in Toan Tin Program (Mathematics). I would like to thank you for your caring, love and helping myself and my 2 friends with 50% of our tuition fees for this school year.I am very happy, thankful and grateful to you all at Children of Vietnam Benevolent Foundation.
I will try my best in my study.

 2016 – From Hieu

“I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and all the volunteers all the best and thank them for their generosity. By your extraordinary efforts and the sacrifices by the foundation’s volunteers and families that many children in Vietnam received the wonderful gifts of your labor of love.”

June 2014 – From Julie

“We are a large adoptive family living in Lacombe, Alberta. Our 2 youngest sons
are Vietnamese. Our son resided at the Vinh Long orphanage
until he joined our family in Jan. 2013. He is 4 years old. Bless you
for your kindness to these children who remain without a family.