A Teacher’s Legacy

Sunday, June 22, 2014



We were so moved by the generosity of the Reid family when they donated boxes and boxes of books and school supplies for the children of our Foundation. These items were from a woman named Marilyn, a math teacher, who has retired and moved to Manitoba to be closer to her family. Phil and Vicky Baril kindly delivered the two van-full loads to our doorsteps.

Although we have never met Marilyn, seeing all the children’s literature she had for her students, the lessons she had scribbled in her daily planners, the sharpened pencils ready to be used, all the construction papers, blocks and sticks, and the countless textbooks she had studied to enrich her skills, you knew she had a great love for teaching and for all her students. Her legacy will live on in all the young lives she had touched and all the children she will be helping from this day forth. We honour you, Marilyn Reid. With deepest appreciation.