Linh’s Cooking Lesson

Linh’s Cooking Lesson

There is an intricate art to Vietnamese cooking, and it would take a person who lives and breathe the aromas of Vietnam to be able to make a meal that captures the true essence of the country. So, it’s not everyday that you get a great Vietnamese chef like our very own Linh Kim Truong come into your kitchen to walk you through the steps in creating an authentic Vietnamese home-cooked meal.

Kim and Richard Wagner, whose generous bid on this silent auction event item had contributed to the success of our first annual fundraiser, won this great opportunity.  And they could not resist inviting their close friends Scott and Darlene Comer to join in on this unique experience. Susan and Sharla were Linh’s helpers.

It was indeed a most memorable and delicious evening!

With Chef Linh Kim Truong
Kim and Richard Wagner
Darlene and Scott Comer



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