Ottawa Visit


November 2017 — Forty years ago, the Government of Canada gave a man named Mike Molloy the monumental task of resettling 60,000 Vietnamese refugees to Canada and he delivered. Because of his vision with the private sponsorship program, many of us Vietnamese refugees were blessed with the opportunity to become Canadians. This is the model by which we are now helping our fellow Syrian refugees, forty years later. Dr. Nhung had the privilege of meeting Mr. Molloy in Ottawa as part of an Armchair Discussion on Our Humanitarian Commitment as Canadians: A Story of Generosity, Hope and Survival. Also on the panel were Naomi Alboim, a respected voice in immigration policies and cofounder of Lifeline Syria, and Dawn Edlund, Associate Assistant Deputy Minister at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. They’ll now be making some Vietnamese dishes with the help of our very own Quintessential Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine cookbook by our talented chefs, Linh & Hang