A Student’s Heart

May 2018 – A couple months ago, Linh had a conversation with her children about the blessings we have in Canada. During the conversation, her eldest son Vincent asked if he could use the money he had earned at work to buy a few gift packages for the underprivileged students he had seen in pictures taken of Hoang Then school projects. Linh could not say no, and so, together, Vincent and his siblings prepared 18+ gift packages — each student had at least 2 pairs of top and bottom, belt for boys, a pair of shoes, underwear for girls, cap, sling backpacks, water bottle. Vincent wanted to also add a small sewing kit for each of these students because “with this small sewing kit of threads and needles, the students can mend his or her clothes when needed so that their clothes would last a bit longer,” he said. The cost of sending this big box oversea is very pricey, but fortunately, Nhung was heading to VN and was able to help take the box back with her, and with the help of local contacts, we were able to ship it north to Lai Chau. Seeing the joy on the children faces here and over there, made our hearts, esp Linh’s, very very happy. We especially love seeing pictures of the students putting the sewing kits to good use

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