Hoan’s Hoya Plant Fundraiser


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Due to the COVID isolation, one of our supporters,  Ms Hoan Le, decided to grow a large collection of Hoya plants over this past summer with the intention of marketing them. To our amazement, Hoan-Le and her husband Jim donated ALL the proceeds from their sales to The Children of Vietnam Benevolent Foundation. We are incredibly grateful for their generosity.

Hoan is thinking of growing more Hoya plants next summer to help raise additional funds for our foundation. We are truly humbled by Hoan.

About the Hoya Genus

The Hoya plant was discovered by a botanist named Robert Brown in the late 18th century. He named the plant after a friend of his, Thomas Hoya, who was the gardener to the Duke of Northumberland.

Hoya Carnosa is the most popular (and its many cultivars). Hoyas are commonly referred to as wax plants and porcelain flowers. If you treat them extra special, Hoyas will bloom. Their blooms are small star shaped flowers that (in some species) clump together.

There are more than 200 species of Hoya plants and each of its species has unique color and shape.