COVID-19 Pandemic: Making Masks



Dearest friends and supporters,

We hope this finds you well this Easter during these trying times. Because of the quarantines, we have had to hold off on many of our work projects in Vietnam, for the time being, in order to help keep everyone safe.

To Vietnam’s credit, their humility in recognizing Vietnam’s lack of resources compelled the gov’t to move swiftly to shut things down at the earliest sign of COVID19 infection in Vietnam. As a result, the children in the orphanages and schools and most of their citizens remain safe.

One of our volunteers, Mr. Bill, returned home from a long visit in Vietnam in mid-March, and the one major observation he noted upon arriving in Canada was that hardly anyone wore masks in public compared to the majority in Vietnam. For a developing country, Vietnam currently has only 260 COVID19 confirmed cases, while Canada, where infections started at least a month later than Vietnam, now has over 24,000 cases. Sadly, we in Canada have been complacent, and overestimated our resources and abilities and underestimated the aggressiveness of COVID19. We have not done everything we can to stop the spread, and nearly a thousand people have died as a result. This is heartbreaking.

We plea with you all to please step up and do all that you can to help STOP THE SPREAD. The longer we misstep, the longer we suffer, the more people die.

Our talented director Linh stepped up and started sewing non-medical masks and giving them out to. Tuoi Hac Golden Age Manor, a longterm care seniors home in Edmonton is reaching out for her help!! She have sewn, donated and delivered her first and second batches of fabric masks for the healthcare nurses, office staffs, kitchen staffs, house keeping staffs and senior residents.

She has received $200 donations from friends for her sewn masks and we will put this toward helping the Edmonton Food Bank.


Everyone has a part to play in the fight against coronavirus. Let’s mobilize and do everything we can do to protect our most vulnerable healthcare workers, patients, seniors, families, friends, neighbors and our community.

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