2022 Annual Report

Ten years ago, we started the foundation to pay forward and honour those who had helped us 40yrs ago, to honour our parents who sacrificed so much for us, and to honour our homeland. We started our Foundation with a Mission dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged children by giving them hope and opportunities through love, education, and the provision of basic needs. Our Vision was for CVBF to be recognized, respected, and supported by the communities here and abroad for its integrity and devotion towards creating a better future for the children of Vietnam, and hence contributing to a more equal society. And 10 yrs later, we have also people, and students from various universities, from across Canada into the States reaching out to help us, to be a part of the mission because they know 100% of the funds we raise goes to helping the less fortunate. All our members and volunteers give freely of their heart and time, and ask for nothing in return. I think we have indeed founded something special.

Over the past 10yrs, together we have helped thousands of impoverished children throughout Vietnam. Because of your generous support, our foundation has been able to provide hundreds of bicycles, school uniforms, school supplies, tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships. We have build/repair schools, bridges, installed wells. In fact, when there was major flooding in Central Vietnam in the midst of COVID, when we were all in isolation, our team was able to rally up over $20,000 in just over a 2-3 wk time span to provide emergency relief to the families devastated by the flood in the region. And of course, the orphanages, the orphaned and abandoned children, remain our central focus. With your support, our foundation continues to support 10 orphanages with their basic needs – from food supplies, clothing to mattresses. In the past year alone, we spent over $78,000 helping the underprivileged children.We have even extended our reach to helping those in need locally here in Canada (at the local food banks/homeless shelters) and abroad.

Everything we as a foundation have done or provided — no matter how big or small — for these children and communities has been so appreciated by the thousands of children and the people in those communities. We know this because we can see their gratefulness reflected in their beautiful smiles and heartfelt messages to our foundation.

Looking back (you can see slide shows, albums of our work over the past 10yrs, and even with the poster of this past year alone), together we are indeed fulfilling our mission and more. We’ve done so much together, but there’s so much more that is needed in Vietnam, here and around the world. Thank you so much again for continuing to be a part of this effort. It’s been a beautiful journey and we are so blessed to walk along side so many, beautiful, kind, and generous people, like you.