2018 Gia Lai

September 2018 – CVBF is once again proud to be part of this annual mission with DDUM group and volunteers to bring a meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival to impoverished children across Vietnam. This year our mission was to help over 1200 poor Jrai children from 12 remote villages ( Mrong, Yen, Kepprag, Mun, Mang, Jruang, Mui, Phung, Yang, Van, Yen, Bloi) in Yaly commune, Chưpăh district, Gia Lai province. Father Quang had reached out to us to help the underprivileged children in these poor community where they lack food, clean water, clothing and shelter.
With the help of your donation, we were able to bring joy and hope to a community like this. Our amazing representative Hoang along with 38 dedicated, compassionate and selflessness DDUM group and volunteers, together hopped on a bus from Saigon to travel 13 hours long during the night to arrive to Yaly commune by the morning. Each paid their own travel/meal/stays expenses. Meanwhile, early that morning, over a thousand children from the surrounding communities walked, hours for some, to get there where they gathered at the church yard.
All the volunteers got to work as soon as they arrived. They set up the stage, assembled traditional star lanterns, balloons, filled gift bags, and prepared, cooked and served hot lunch — 1500 bowls of Tomato Crab noodle soup/ Bún Riêu and drink for the children and their parents before the program.
The event took place at the unfinished Yaly’s church building (due to short fund /no resources forced it to stop 2 years ago).
The volunteers transformed the community into a cheerful and festive place. The children and the community in Yaly celebrated their ever first Mid-Autumn Festival with full of spiritual significance of TẾT Trung Thu – TẾT for the Children. Yaly community bustled with drums, music, lions dance performances, colorful lanterns and balloons, gongs of fun, traditional dance, hip hop dance, singing, various activities, performances and prizes. It was a super fun event for all ages – young and old. The crowd loved it!
Over 1000 gift bags were prepared, each gift bag filled with a toothbrush, a toothpaste, a cup, a face cloth, 2 notebooks, 2 pens, a moon cake, 4 candles, 2 milk cartons and bags of cookies. As gifts giving, each child had received a traditional star lantern, a new pair of honeycomb shoes, and a gift bag.
CVBF also contributed 500 school uniforms and 500 of the gift bags. A few school backpacks, stuffed toys and gift prizes were given out to the children as well. The children were overwhelmed with joys and happiness and hands on fond colorful gifts that they received 😀.
The DDUM group donated 20,000,000 VND to Father Quang for the purchase of 200 bags of cement bags and some bricks for them continue building Yaly church.
Thank you to all donors, sponsors, DDUM group and volunteers.

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