Malawi – Agape Orphanage

2017 – Although the focus of our Foundation is on helping the children of Vietnam, our Foundation is run by so many volunteers and supporters whose hearts are restless from seeing the ongoing needs of children around the world. With your blessing this year, our Foundation, as you are aware, is dedicating 5% of our annual fundraising funds to helping children locally (in Canada) and 5% to underprivileged children elsewhere in the world. Because of this growing mandate, our Foundation was able to also help provide school supplies to the orphaned children living in the Agape Orphanage in Malawi, Africa. It is a small home run by a very warm and kindhearted Albertan, Ingrid May. Further information on how you can help these children in Malawi can be found at
We are so moved to see the smiles on the beautiful faces of these children when they received our gift to help further their education

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