2019 Bannerman School

November 2019 – Due to budgetary constraints in our own school system, many schools here have difficulties buying new books to add to their library resources for the students.

We were made aware of one of these schools — Bannerman school — and because of your generosity, we were able to help with their literacy program. Ms. Schatchter, a library tech at the school, picked out a variety of good books to add to the school library’s shelves. Then, both Linh and Vincent met the principal Mr Copeman, Ms. Schatchter and a group of students in the school library to present these books to the children and hand over a cheque for the amount $625.64 to to cover the cost of purchasing 44 new books. Linh was able to also get an additional 13 books donated to the school by Tony Oniska, a ULS (United Library Service) sales rep.

Reading is so essential for children to become successful in school and their journey through life. Thank you so much, your donation is making a big difference to our kids!!