Bao Tro Ca Mau

Jun 2018 – When Dr. Nhung visited the children at Bao Tro Ca Mau this spring, the director mentioned how they wished there could be an awning or something to shelter from rain the hall where many of the disabled children like to congregate to play. When Mr. Doug Chalke from Vancouver heard about this, he generously helped fund the installation of the metal awning for the children. We are so grateful!
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March 2018 – We are so humbled to by the generosity of Mr. Chalke from Vancouver. When he learned that Dr. Nhung was going to Vietnam to visit some of our projects, he promptly made an additional donation in case we needed more funds for the projects. Because Mr. Chalke’s heart is in helping places that care for disabled children, we felt it was appropriate to direct his additional funds to Bao Tro Ca Mau orphanage which cares for 55 children, 29 of whom have disabilities. We brought 200kg of rice, while the remainder of Mr. Chalke’s funds is going toward building an awning to help shelter a play area from the rain for the disabled children. It is so nice to see this once run-down orphanage now upgraded and the children being well cared for by their staff. It is also touching to learn that one of their directors who had actually lived in Bao Tro in his childhood has now returned, after graduating from post-secondary, to care for the orphaned/abandoned children.

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Aug 7, 2016 – Dr. Tran-Davies, Ms Nga, and Ms Chau visited the children with gifts of books, slippers, toothbrushes. Earlier this year, we installed new playground equipment for the children of the orphanage. It was wonderful seeing their smiles.
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March 22, 2015 Bao Tro Ca Mau is a centre for orphans and abandoned children in the southern city of Ca Mau. There are, sadly, many disabled children under their care because many impoverished families have little means to support a child that is disabled. Dr. Nhung had visited the centre in Dec 2013, and now our director Amanda returns with five wheelchairs purchased by CVBF for some of the children in need of assistance for mobility. We are grateful to our representative, Ms Nga, for helping us with the purchase and delivery.

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