Mai Am Thien An

February 2018 – As the Lunar New Year approaches, the children at the Mai Am Thien An orphanage were wishing and wondering if they would ever have new sets of clothes for the occasion. We heard about the children’s wishes and our dedicated CVBF representatives Hoang, Hue and Toan, traveled the distance to Binh Thuy, Can Tho to deliver their wish. The children were overwhelmed with joy and happiness when they saw the clothing gifts with their names on it. Each of the 40 children received a new set of clothes. We also brought all kinds of meat, boxes of sardine cans, pasta, shrimp sausages, sugar, milk, yogurt drink and treats and much more. The team spent the afternoon with the children. They helped with meals time, played activities and took a long walk with the children along the near by river. They all had a good day.
This was made possible through your kind and generous support, with special thanks to Mr. Chalke. In a conversation with Sister Huong, she said,” “Không có gì vui bằng, già được bát canh, trẻ thơ được manh áo mới.” Thank you!
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August 2017 – Mai Am Thien An (Binh Thuy) currently has 40 children here (30 children are between the age of 4-11 and 10 children are between the age of 12-15). The children are so sweet and polite whenever we visit. This time, we brought them tasty treats, new pairs of shoes, two new bicycles, and five bicycle baskets.
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Sept 2016 – A recent visit at Mai Am Thien An orphanage (Binh Thuy) by our dedicated team – Ngoc, Hang, Thu, Nhat and Tu. As always, they had lots of fun with the kids. We also delivered some new plastics tables & chairs and school supplies/backpacks/textbook set.

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July 2016 Ngoc & Quach bring the children some fresh food.

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Aug 2015 Linh brings the children new raincoats, shoes, books and basic food supply.

Thien An Aug 2015 (70) Thien An Aug 2015 (72)

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