Ky Quang

Ky Quang is a Pagoda in Go Vap. We were directed to this orphanage by one of our supporters, Marian. She was so moved when she saw the children in this place that she wanted to do something more.  Ky Quang serves also as an orphanage run by Thay (the Abbot monk). They are currently helping care for over 200 orphaned and abandoned children. The kids range in age from infant to 17 yrs. The Abbot helps pay for the children’s education tuition until they graduate and get a job, helping them out for life if they come into hardship (acts like a parent for life)

June 2018 – Phuong and Yan brought a new, larger water heater for the orphanage as they have many children to care for.
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November 2017 Yan and Amy and friends delivered food supplies and visited the children.


February 2017 – Our Foundation purchased 2 washing machines and 2 instant hot water heaters to help the staff care for the over 200 orphaned and abandoned children. Shanni, Peter and Yan used their strong muscles to deliver the items. Though these are simple items, we know they will make a huge difference in the quality of these children’s lives.