Tinh That Phat Hoa

January 28, 2018 – Ms Hoa and Ms Hang delivered a fridge, hot water heater, and a water filter to Thinh That Phap Hoa orphanage in Dong Thap. These appliances will provide hot showers, clean drinking water and safe food storage for the children. The orphanage is very grateful and would like to send their gratitude to all of the CVBF donors and volunteers for their generosity and kindness!
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January 8, 2018 – Tinh That Phap Hoa is a small orphanage in Dong Thap Province in southern Vietnam. There are 15 orphans ages three to eleven under their care. They have to boil water because they don’t have a hot water tank, and the children all sleep on the floor. The orphanage expressed that they hoped for a washer, blankets, uniforms, hand and bath towels and detergents and our Ms Hoa and Ms Hang delivered, along with mats for the children to sleep on.