Vinh Phuoc An Tu

March 2018 – Because of the generosity of the Tran Family from San Diego in memory of Mr. Sen, our foundation has been working to improve the lives of the 70 children living in Vinh Phuoc An Tu orphanage in Bac Lieu. On this visit, a couple of young volunteers Jayne and Stephanie had an eye-opening experience seeing the lives of these abandoned/orphaned children. One child, nicknamed squirrel (pictured in the yellow outfit), is only 12 but was running around taking care of and helping feed the little infants. Also at this visit, we were informed of a leaking ceiling above the sleeping quarters of the infants, and so our very kind volunteers, Mo Ba and Ms Thuy, returned a few days later with hired repairmen to reroof the damaged section to keep the children dry through the wet season.
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December 2017 – For our recent delivery of basic food supplies to Vinh Phuoc An Tu orphanage in Bac Lieu, Ms Chau invited a youth group along to bring Christmas cheer to the children. They were all very excited to be getting little treats and toys from our Santa.
25485087_2053291688249518_1406254102_o25463525_2053292184916135_2111410370_n 25508724_2053291818249505_167645430_o 25508997_2053291901582830_317213096_oJun 2017 -Co Ba who looks after the children tells us how the kids are having so much fun on the slide set that she hoped we could help get another playground set, a spinning one. So, recently, Yan presented the little ones with this playground spinner for their enjoyment. In addition, we got the children colouring/picture/textbooks, crayons and a whiteboard for doodling.
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January 2017- Our Ms Chau revisited the children of Vinh Phuoc An Tu orphanage in Bac Lieu today. It brings us great joy to see that the children are playing on the new playground equipment we had given them. As well, the kids were having fun jumping around in their ball house that is now replenished with plenty more balls. We also spotted the 10 new fans mounted on the wall to keep the children cool. Being that all these dear children were sleeping on the floor, we had offered to buy the orphanage new beds, but being humble and economical, they requested for just enough funds to help them build the beds. We respected that, and today, they proudly showed us the 15 newly home-built beds for the children.
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December 24, 2016- Earlier this year, we received a special request from one of our supporters from San Diego, USA. The family asked if our Foundation could help the children in Bac Lieu as a tribute to honour their beloved father, Mr. Sen Truong Tran (1941-2016) who, as his children and grandchildren recall, was a humble, inspiring man who always gave back to his community by working tirelessly with many charities to contribute to the well-being of the less fortunate.
We, of course, were honoured to do this for such an incredible man. We received donations in memory of Mr Sen Tran, and in August, Dr. Nhung, Yan, and Chau visited the city of Bac Lieu to assess the needs of the children there. We found Vinh Phuoc An Tu orphanage where over 50 orphaned and abandoned children from newborn to 5-6yrs of age are in the care of a monk and his helpers. The conditions under which the children live are sadly substandard, and it was hard to see how so many children had to sleep on the floor.
We followed-up with the monk afterwards to see what the orphanage needed to improve the lives of the children, and at first, he was too humble to ask, but after some further discussion, he accepted our assistance and came up with a few things to start.
Because of Mr. Sen Truong Tran`s legacy and the kindness of his family, just a few days ago, Ms Chau brought all the children Christmas presents to bring smiles to their day. The orphanage also received funds for 10 new beds, 10 wall fans to keep the children cool, 10 new tube lighting to brighten their living quarters, more diapers, basic food supplies,more toy balls to replenish their ball house and a playground equipment set. Because of the Tran Family`s generosity, we will continue to work to improve the living conditions for these children in Bac Lieu.

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August 8, 2016 Dr. Nhung and Ms Chau visit to assess the needs of the orphanage.