Kon Kloc Early Childhood Education Centre

Kon Kloc hamlet is a part of a poor rural commune in the northern Dak Ha District, a remote, mountainous part of Vietnam’s central highland, with a population of approximately 6500 people. The living conditions there are difficult.

Because the kindergarten in this hamlet is situated in two old, dilapidated classrooms, the Vietnamese Education Society (VES), a Canadian Charity based out of Saskatchewan is working in conjunction with another organization called East Meet West to build a new Early Education Centre for this community.

CVBF has agreed to work with the VES to complete the construction of this centre.

June 14, 2014 -Groundbreaking ceremony

kom klac school - groundbreaking

kom klac school - starting foundation

Aug 23, 2014 – Construction completed

cutting ribbon

two new classrooms

whole view

November 10th, 2014 – Visiting Kon Kloc
A plaque with our CVBF logo. VES is the lead sponsor in this wonderful project.


Nhung Tran-Davies at the school gate with Yan Chen, our administrative support from Ho Chi Minh city.


Introductions by Tuan from East Meet West. Carin Holroyd (VES) is in blue.



Children singing and dancing for us.




Greeting the students before I handed out school supplies and treats to the students in the higher grade levels.



A beautiful smile on a child’s face as he sees his new paint box. School supplies donated by the generous Vicky/Phil Baril and retired math teacher Marilynn Reid.



The children were so polite and gracious as they stood to bid us farewell and to give thanks.