Lop Hoc Tinh Thuong Dong Nai

November 2018 – Lop Hoc Tinh Thuong Dong Nai, the school we had helped renovate this year, submitted an urgent request for help with a well that had served them for the past 20 years. Recently, the well began to run dry, even in the rainy season, because it is a very shallowly-dug well (about 10m). The students were advised not to use the school bathrooms or they must carry water from neighboring houses which are about 50m – 70m away for their own usage. The school hoped to drill a new water well, and with your support, we — with the dedication of our volunteer Tien — were able to organize the drilling of a new well with a depth of 30-40m. After some delays from hitting rocks, we were finally successful in bringing fresh water to the school!
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August 2018 – After our foundation renovated the classroom and built a playground for Lop Hoc Tinh Thuong Thien in Dong Nai earlier this year, the students were encouraged as they had a place to play and participate in various sports activities aside from their studies. However, we soon realized that because the playground was not covered, its use was limited by the hot afternoons and rainy days. The school asked if we could help build a shade, and with the help our wonderful volunteer, Tien, we were able to do so for the children.
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March -LHTT Dong Nai (Huyen Xa Loc) was a project that Dr. Quynh directed with the help of two representatives – Tien and Suong. We had the pleasure of meeting them recently when we went to the school, which is located 2 hrs north of Saigon down a long stretch of rugged unpaved roads, to assess the finished upgrades. The surrounding land is arid, but some are able to make a living raising cattle or growing the dragon fruit. It is a poor community. The children were delightful as they sang songs and entertained us with their enthusiasm. We are so happy to see them enjoying their new classroom.

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February 2018 – Lop Hoc Tinh Thuong in Dong Nai is a small one room school run by two monks Thay Thai and Thay Thong Hoa for 80 underprivileged elementary students. Unfortunately, the condition of the school has been very poor with cracked foundation and a leaky roof. Under the direction of our director Dr. Quinn and with the help of our CVBF representatives, Tien and Suong, our foundation upgraded their classroom floor with ceramic tiles, upgraded their existing playground, fixed their leaky roof, and repaired and expanded their existing concrete pad to make it a multipurpose play yard for the children. Our incredible representatives even lovingly painted beautiful pictures for the students. It was a great joy to see the children take delight in their new classroom and playground.

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January 2018 – Under construction. The kind volunteer teachers drove out every wknd to pain the walls for the students.
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Before pictures

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