Phan Hieu Elementary School

August 2018 -Late last year, our Foundation was made aware of a poor community in Nam Tra My that desperately needed a new school building to replace its old, dilapidated one. It was not equipped with electricity, clean water and the students lacked school supplies. We could not turn our back on this project, but with so many places needing help, we did not have adequate funds.
However, we and our director Huynh Anh were committed to helping these children and their community, and so, we redirected funding from our other projects toward this school project with the hopes of getting additional funding to enable us to carry through with all our projects. We decided to apply for a grant with the Government of Alberta.
We were so grateful and relieved when the Government of Alberta approved a grant to help us complete the building of Phan Hieu Elementary School, which finally finished in July 2018. It now has electricity and three classrooms, 2 teachers’ room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Nam Hong Nguyen, our wonderful representative and lead in organizing the construction, led his Smile of Compassion team to this remote mountainous community in June for an inaugural celebration. Other partnering charitable groups Tam Ky project, One Body Village Houston and Tu Bi Am Canada and other friends also contributed with a new playground, new school desks and chairs, and books/book shelves.

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