Ho Dao Tra Ban

August 2018 – Last year, Sister Hoan reached out to the Foundation for help with a facility she and two Sisters – Ai vy and Xuan — had set up two years ago in Long My. It’s a teaching facility located in Ho Dao Tra Ban commune, a very poor community with no running tap water. The Sisters offer their service by letting children from age 2-5 come to learn in the morning between 6:30 am-12 noon. No fees are collected from the students because all the children are from families with financial difficulties: 6 kids were abandoned and left behind with grandparents, 14 kids have parents who work far from home and so they stay with grandparents, 2 kids have no fathers, 2 kids with no mothers. Sisters set up this facility so that the children can come to play and learn ( writing/ reading, etc.) and to get themselves prepare for entering grade 1 in public school when they turn 6years old.
Our wonderful volunteer Ms Thanh recently traveled from My Tho to help us visit and deliver a few items/gifts to the children:
-2 large water containers 2000L for them to collect rain water for drinking and cooking
-30 sets of table and chairs
-Notebooks, pencils, erasers, and pencil sharpeners
-Colouring books and colour pencils.
-30 sets Toothpastes, toothbrushes and cups
Ms Thanh and Linh also added toys, pencils pouches and snacks for the children .
The children and sisters are very happy and very grateful. They sent us their gratitude to all the CVBF donors and volunteers for their generosity and kindness.

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