Lang Son Residential School

Lang Son School/Residential House is located in Lang Son province.  The province is located in the far northern parts of Vietnam and has population of about 148,000.

The students that attend this school are too poor for any means of transportation other than walking to and from school.  With the long distance from home to school, they would have to walk through the forest in the evening where they could be kidnapped, traded, raped, or killed.  This school also acts as a residential house to keep students (mostly females) safe by allowing them to stay overnight during the weekdays.

Lang Son School also teaches kindergarten classes to children that belong to 30 local ethnic communities residing in the remote areas of Lang Son, Cao Bang, and Thai Nguyen provinces of Vietnam.


February 25th, 2014 Visit

LS5 Vu Thi Hoa
A CVBF-sponsored child
LS4 Dang Thu Hien
A CVBF-sponsored child
LS9 Le Thi Tuyen
A CVBF-sponsored child