2018 Seniors Project

2018 – Our CVBF representatives Hoang, Yen, Chanh, Hue along with 23 other friends and volunteers (from DDUM) recently visited the abandoned elders at Điện Thờ Phật Mẩu Trường Tây in Tây Ninh. The individual stories of these abandoned elders are heart-breaking. The volunteers came together with great compassion to not only cook a delicious meal for these elders, but to also visit with each of them, giving each gifts (80+ carefully wrapped gifts, each has a blanket, a couple towels, a bottle of medicated oil, milk packages, boxes soft treat and a red envelope). and providing attentive care.
We are all amazed by how appreciative these elders were for our visits. Perhaps they felt lonely or abandoned before, but now tears of joy glistened in their eyes. We felt the love, the spirit of optimism and the preciousness of this life experience. It was a happy day for everyone (young and old); so much caring, so much loving, so much laughs/smiles. We are so proud of the 27 young volunteers for donating their time and money to make this visit possible and memorable.
Menu of the day was:
1. Cơm Sườn riêm chay và sườn chiên chay. —-2 main dishes
2. Lagim xào( bông cải, cà rốt, nấm đông cô)—– stir fry vegetables
3. Canh xà lách xoong—–soup
4. Xương sáo, hột e—–dessert
Our foundation also donated rice, cooking oil, soy sauce, laundry detergent, sugar, kitchen utensils, and some funds to purchase medicine for these elders.

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